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 Please Help with Hieratic Rank 8 Deck

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PostPlease Help with Hieratic Rank 8 Deck

I'm trying to make a Rank 8 Hieratic Build. Please I need as much help as I can get.

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Please Help with Hieratic Rank 8 Deck :: Comments

also I just noticed that queen dragun is useless in this deck. anybody know some ways to help me get her out or some monsters that can get her out
uhh o.o idk
needs revamping, a lot, XD.
so far its working really well
It doesn't look like it would stand up well against the meta decks, XD.
what is this deck?!
it has problems with ophion
1) Pick 1 type of Level.

Do you want 8 or 6, cant be both.

2) Set only 3 cards pertaining to that level

3 Level 6's or Level 8's

3) Inferno Reckless Summon is better suited if you have 3 copies of 1 monster

If you choose Wattail Dragon, you can only have 3 copies of Wattail Dragon and no others.

4) Don't tie in every card just because it tributes. It doesn't mean its going to be beneficial for a deck.

5) No Galaxy Queen's Light

6) 2nd Tragodia > Chaos Necromancer

7) No Mind Control, you'll most likely never have the chance to Xyz with another Level 6/8 since most monsters are now reliant on 4 and 7.

8) Patch that hole in your extra deck.
Of course Djinn Queen Dragun Isn't going to work when you only have 1 level 4 monster that is much better in hand
i di doubt she good enough to run anyways
Re: Please Help with Hieratic Rank 8 Deck
Post on Mon Feb 11, 2013 3:25 pm  Emi

Why Pot of Duality? e.e If you realy want it in your deck just add 1.

Mind Control doesn't really help.

You should not run Tefnuit at 3. Atleast I dont.

CardCar D , Well I add that. I dont know , I think you should ;o

Please Help with Hieratic Rank 8 Deck

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